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1. Take your phone
2. Start your camera
3. Point on those cool pixels
4. Sign with a finger, or several
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Project cost estimator for freelancers  /agency

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It's a white rabbit with cool glasses, sure!
...but it's also an AI-driven and pre-trained workflow automater.

We are currently in a prototype phase. A lot of technical and UI and UX questions... and fundraising! Follow us on this journey and see how deep the rabbit whole goes.

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Sign with your hand/finger

Harry Potter needs a magic stick to do magic,

you can do it with your finger, it's the easiest way to digitally sign your documents.

In 30 seconds

Abracadabra creates a cost estimate in just 30 seconds.

Can't believe it? No problem, watch a tutorial and you'll pull it out of the hat like Houdini.

Sliced into milestones

As a magician, it takes years of training to perform a slicing trick.

With Abracadabra you can slice your project into milestones in no time, your client will be impressed like a viewer while watching the magic trick.

Fully customisable

Even Gandalf the Grey has changed to Gandalf the White, sometimes you have to customise.

We give you full control, you can adapt your proposal exactly the way you want.