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Abracadabra is automation of project management specifically tailored to the optimization of freelance work.

Like a personal assistant, it handles repetitive tasks such us email sorting, time tracking, work documentation, and invoicing. It even helps you negotiate a fair estimate and asks your client for more money if your work is more difficult than expected.

With this wizard you can create a 100% verifiable portfolio that future clients can trust.


Abracadabra preview Mobile
Abracadabra preview Web

Every freelancer knows the problem...


Problem solved. Looks better, doesn't it?

We let you focus on your work. All while consulting with the client like an agency would — quickly and professionally.

We are looking for free spirits.

If you're a front-end magician, a creative sorceress, or a freelance wizard, get in touch with us! We'll be sure to have an interesting conversation (in all seriousness).

Keywords for our google friends: react, frontend development :)

Also, is there someone to help us with the AI?

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