8 Project Management Tools for Freelancers to Make Your Workflow Easier

8 Project Management Tools for Freelancers to Make Your Workflow Easier

Managing your time, staying on track and meeting deadlines can be difficult in a freelance setting. Especially when you have a full plate of projects and you have to juggle multiple projects at once. Here are 10 project management tools that can help you better organize your work and make your workflow easier.

Fortunately, there are some great tools and resources out there that make it easier for us to manage our workload. Whether you’re a remote freelancer or an in-house professional, using project management software can help you organize your work and stay focused. After all, who wants to spend all their time working on unorganized projects instead of creating new ones? With that in mind, here are 11 free project management tools for freelancers. These apps will help you manage your clients and projects more efficiently, allowing you any remote worker to keep working with little interference from their boss or office manager.


Trello is a project management tool that is perfect for freelancers. With the app, you can create different lists and organize your tasks into them. You can assign each task to a person, or you can categorize them based on different projects you are working on. One of the best features of Trello is its simplicity – it’s easy to use and understand. It also has a large number of integrations with other programs and apps, which means it will work seamlessly with your workflow.


Basecamp is one of the best project management tools out there. It's easy to use and allows you to collaborate across projects as well as keep track of your progress. You can also use it to manage checklists, tasks, and deadlines.


Asana is a collaborative project management tool that’s designed to make it easy for teams to organize, manage, and track their projects. You can use Asana in a variety of ways—whether you have one client or 10, whether you own your business or work as an employee. It's simple and efficient, but it also has all the features you need to ensure your workflow is running smoothly. In addition, you can access all the data via a web interface or mobile app. Additionally, Asana integrates with third-party apps like Zenefits and Freshbooks so you can easily create invoices from within the platform.


Wufoo is a form builder that allows you to build and share the forms you need. It’s really easy to use, and it has an intuitive interface that allows you to quickly put together a form without having to worry about complicated options or settings.


Like many professional project management apps, Cozy has a free version that offers a lot of features. The paid version is $10 per month and includes the ability to customize your dashboard, assign tasks to multiple project types, and do more with your time.


Evernote is a great tool for project management. It’s easy-to-use, allows you to collaborate with others on projects, and offers plenty of mobile apps for your device of choice. You can also track different tasks with Evernote and make notes about what needs to be done when in order to stay organized.


If you’re a remote worker, then you know it can be difficult to stay on top of everything that needs to get done. One task management and project management app that can help with this is GoodToKnow. Just fire up the app and start managing your projects and tasks with ease. This tool will provide you with a calendar view for all of your upcoming deadlines and responsibilities, which means no more missing an important deadline because you didn't see it on your phone's task list. You'll also be able to prioritize your tasks and organize them into categories, which makes it easy for you to delegate responsibilities. GoodToKnow is available as both an iOS app (in case you are not using Google Chrome) and as a browser extension, so it's easy to access from multiple platforms. With GoodToKnow in hand, you'll never have another missed deadline again!


Slack is a software that enables teams to collaborate and communicate in real-time. It works across different devices, so you can take your laptop with you anywhere without worrying about synchronizing data.

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