Meet the team

Abracadabra team - Alex



Certified Scrum Master and Senior Project Manager with 15+ years of experience in industry projects. @Abracadabra: Budget management, identification of resources, coordination of all project activities

Abracadabra team - Kseniya



Degree in European Media Studies and 3+ years of experience in content marketing and e-commerce. @Abracadabra: Implementation and coordination of offline and online media planning, Marketing conception

Abracadabra team - Roman


Operation & Product Development

Experience in software development and project coordination 10+ years. @Abracadabra: Technology Strategy, System Architecture, Project Realisation

Open position

  • SMM Specialist.
    Do you check your Tweeter feed before breakfast? Do you have 4000 friends on Facebook? We need your understanding of the current digital world to help us get the idea across
  • React frontend developer.
    Do you know how to code beauty? Is pixelperfect a suitable word for you? We definitely need a developer of your caliber and it's sure to be very interesting

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